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Robin Stam - Freelance Copywriter

20 years of experience

70+ Awards and nominations
250+ TV commercials

Ah, you're the type of person who likes to read before scrolling to the work below. That's great. We have something in common. As a copywriter, I love to read... and write. Most of the time you'll see me writing TV commercials or online films. Or I could think of an integrated campaign. In my long career, I've been doing this for the best agencies in New York, Stockholm, Brussels, Amsterdam and Hamburg. In 2016, I've started my freelance adventure. No country is too far. No agency is too small. Just take a look at my work and get in touch if you want me to think of great ideas for you.


365 campaign


What did we get ourselves into? After winning the most prestigious pitch of the year in the Netherlands, we’ve made a campaign in which we’ve broadcasted a new TV commercial every day. Think of it as a never ending shooting while writing new scripts in between.

Agency: LEMZ Amsterdam
Media: Integrated
Awards: Silver Eurobest, silver Epica, Nomination ADCN Netherlands, Nomination Tomorrow Awards


Client: FIFA

Can advertising unite even the biggest of rivals during the FIFA World Cup 2018? We proved it’s possible. #Rivalhug is the biggest activation campaign that FIFA ever launched. It was the reason why fans all over the world suddenly embraced each other.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Sports
Media: Integrated
Awards: Hasthag Sports Award.

Retro Gaming

The Mad Bitter/8-Pauli

Breaking through the clutter of viral videos doesn’t go by itself. Behind the music video for 8-bit artist The Mad Bitter is a simple, but well planned digital media strategy. All animations were drawn by hand and all music was made on a Nintendo Gameboy.

Media: Animated music video, digital 
Awards: More than 10 official selections for international film festivals


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

When we sold this idea to the client I told the team: “Honestly guys, I don’t think this is going to win awards, but if you have a beautiful campaign like this in your portfolio, it doesn’t matter.”  Mutspende turned out the most award winning campaign I’ve ever made. And the most beautiful one.

Agency: Jung von Matt
Media: Integrated
Awards: Bronze Cannes Lion, 2 silver Clios, silver and bronze Eurobest, gold and bronze AME award, GWA healthcare award, shortlist ADC Germany

Patrick the Extra


Sometimes the best actors are not actors. We’ve chosen a real extra for this commercial and gave him the main role. Best decision ever. In a supporting role is Roel Vanderstukken, a famous actor and singer from Belgium.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels
Media: TV commercial
Awards: Bronze Cannes Lion, nomination Eurobest, nomination CCB Belgium

Data for Deeds


To communicate that datavolume at Vodafone can be shared, you could make a traditional campaign. Instead, we’ve created an app that makes people experience this on their own.

Agency: Jung von Matt
Media: Digital, app
Awards: LIAA Awards bronze

Banana font


Limitations don’t need to be a restriction if the client gives you creative freedom. With a tiny budget and a few centimeters at our disposal, we’ve made a font that helped selling bananas.

Agency: Lemz Amsterdam
Media: Design, Integrated
Awards: Nomination Eurobest


Re-born to be Alive

I’ve met the client during an award show in Brussels and he told me how grateful he was for this ad. And how it helped his small organization get the exposure it needed. This meant a lot to me. And it proved that when you have a good idea, print is still effective and very well alive.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels
Media: Print
Awards: 2 gold New York Festival Awards, 1 bronze Clio Awars, 1 Bronze Eurobest, 2 silver CCB Awards, Standard solidarity Award, Newspaper Award, nomination Kinsale Shark Award

Ass-end of the World


A hilarous commercial that makes people rethink driving all the way to IKEA. With over a million hits on YouTube, this commercial became viral even before it ran on television.

Agency: Jung von Matt
Media: TV commercial



If you can get the amazing Cyriak to animate a commercial for you, things cannot really go wrong.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels
Media: TV commercial

Go South Africa

Animated Short Film

This thought provoking film was created for the World Cup Soccer in South Africa in 2010. As it became a Staff Pick on Vimeo, the film soon reached up to 65,000 views. Not bad for a film that’s more than half a minute without cats or puppies.

Media: Online film
Awards: Winner Forster Film Festival, Selection HAFF, Shortist VERS Award, Shorlist Viral Film Award, Staff Pick Vimeo

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